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Birthdate:Aug 24
Location:Springfield, Missouri, United States of America
I am almost 29 years old and all I am gonna say is your life the way YOU fit.......screw everything else on what "society" sees fit. These past 3 years have taught me that I cannot live to please anyone but myself and that life is truly what you make it. Though my dreams might take some hard work and patience to attain, in the end its all worth it :) I am still young and working on gaining back my self confidence I once had, and keeping it and my balance maintained. I have a passion about everything most people don't seem to have anymore, so I might as well use it to my advantage and to prove to myself that I can make a difference no matter how small :D

With all this being said I am finding I am evolving into the true person I want and meant to become and if anyone has a problem with it, can come to me like a mature adult instead of talking behind my back like a 12 year old, but once you do you will see I don't care because its time I love myself full-heartedly and if you can't love me for who I am that's your issue not mine.I have been through to much and learned that being fake and disrespectful is not only terrible, but one of the worst things this planet seems to endure. I also am not into labels, yes I may have certain things that define certain aspects to myself (like my sexuality, being young and female, being hispanic, etc.) but that doesn't define me as a person. Also that goes without saying no one should be defined by one thing or a label, we are all unique for a reason and until this world as a whole embraces diversity like it should, then I will die a very, very happy individual.
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